Craters Edge

Crater’s Edge is a thrilling dive site located in Dominica, known as the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean. This unique dive offers an unforgettable experience as you descend into the depths of an ancient volcanic crater. The dive starts at the edge of the crater, where you can explore the dramatic walls covered in vibrant corals and sponges. As you descend further, you’ll encounter an abundance of marine life, including colorful reef fish, turtles, and even the occasional shark. The dive is suitable for advanced divers due to its depth and strong currents, but the rewards are well worth it. Immerse yourself in the underwater wonderland of Crater’s Edge and discover the hidden treasures of Dominica’s underwater world.

Craters Edge

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Atlantic Ocean
Type of water
Type of dive
Wetsuit Thickness
5 mm
Visibility (avg)
13.7 m
Air Temperature (avg)
4.8 ºC
Water Temp. (avg)
22.3 ºC
Maximum depth (avg)
25 m
Dive time (avg)
47 mins

Month-to-month statistics at Craters Edge

Water temperature (ºC)
Air temperature (ºC)

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