B-24 (Wreck)

The B-24 wreck in Croatia is a must-visit for experienced divers. This World War II bomber lies at a depth of 40 meters in the Adriatic Sea. The wreck is well-preserved and offers a unique opportunity to explore its interior. Divers can swim through the cargo hold and cockpit, marveling at the history that surrounds them. The site is known for its strong currents, making it suitable for advanced divers only. Don’t miss the chance to discover this fascinating piece of history underwater.

B-24 (Wreck)

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Atlantic Ocean
Type of water
Type of dive
Wetsuit Thickness
Visibility (avg)
10.1 m
Air Temperature (avg)
12.3 ºC
Water Temp. (avg)
9.3 ºC
Maximum depth (avg)
40 m
Dive time (avg)
35 mins

Month-to-month statistics at B-24 (Wreck)

Water temperature (ºC)
Air temperature (ºC)

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